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Tenant Relations
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Responsibilities of the Pennsylvania Property Manager

General Tenant Relations
Collect Rent
General Vendor Relations
Arrange for Repairs
Supervise repairs and see that repairs are done properly
Get approval for major repairs and capital expenditures
Send appropriate notices to tenant for late or nonpayment of rent, violations of rules, etc.
Initiate or oversee evictions if necessary
Inspect the property at regular predetermined intervals
Provide owner with financial statements accounting for all money received and disbursed
Recommend preventative maintenance schedules
Implement risk management procedures and policies to mitigate the inherent risk associated with owning and operating residential and commercial rental properties
Advertise/Market rental properties
Implement occupancy and tenant retention strategies to maximize cash flow and profitability, and minimize vacancy without sacrificing due diligence in tenant selection
Adhere to Fair Housing Guidelines and attend to relevant housing laws and regulations
Recommend capital investments in repair and improvements to sustain productive property assets and improve future net cash flow
Provide digital documental of property prior to tenant moving in and after tenant moves out to ensure appropriate liabilities and handling of security deposit
Complete Property Inventory and Condition Form when tenants are moving in and after tenant moves out
Operate according to the parameters set forth in the property management contract

Responsibilities of the Owner

Maintain maintenance/repairs reserve fund
Make mortgage, property tax, and insurance payments (unless other arrangements are made)
Contribute rental/tenant criteria (abiding by Fair Housing Law regulations)
Approve major expenses for repairs/maintenance
Review, if necessary, a property inventory/condition form


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