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Tenant Relations
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Recommendations for Pennsylvania Property Owners

Durable and sustainable flooring options
Types of resilient wall coverings/paint
Safety measures
Lease terms
Tenant retention strategies
Open house displays
Preventative maintenance
Capital improvements to sustain/increase property value and increase future net cash flow
Vacancy minimization strategies

Property Inspections / Evaluations

Digital documentation
Comprehensive property inspection prior to tenant moving in
Comprehensive property evaluation when tenant moves out
Thorough documentation provides additional protection in terms of charges against tenant's security deposit
Regular property inspections during the lease term brings potential issues to the attention of the property manager and in turn the owners
Regular property inspections allow minor repairs not previously initiated or brought to attention by the tenant to be made in a timely fashion so as to avoid preventable significant damage
Frequent contact with Pennsylvania tenants offers a sense of commitment to their satisfaction as well as to the property itself

Property Condition Move-in/Move-out

It's important when a tenant moves out that the unit will be ready for a new renter right away to minimize vacancies. We utilize a comprehensive Property Inventory and Condition matrix to document the various elements of the unit both before and after each tenant. This inspection not only provides a record in the event that damage occurs, but also serves as a thorough review of the premises, revealing whether any preventative maintenance or repairs need to be completed at that time.  The inspection is conducted room by room, and upon completion the tenant signs an acknowledgement of the accuracy of the property assessment. Items on the Property Inventory and Condition Form include but are not limited to:

Unit completely free of trash and all dust, and floors vacuumed and/or swept
Bathrooms and kitchen, including fixtures and appliances, thoroughly cleaned
Light bulbs in all fixtures in working order
Doors, locks, and doorknobs in good working order
All drawers and cabinet doors in good working order
All appliances empty, clean, and in good working order
HVAC systems in good working order
Yard, deck/porch, and exterior clean, free of trash, and maintained (grass cut/snow removed if necessary)
Ceilings and walls clean and free of marks/damage
Paint and wallpaper/wall coverings in good condition
Light fixtures in good working order
Outlets & Switches in good working order
Closet shelves and rods in good condition
Flooring in good condition
Sinks, faucets, tub, shower in good condition
Countertops in good condition
Smoke detectors present, tested, and working


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