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Why should I utilize a professional Pennsylvania property management service? 

We can market your property to provide maximum income with minimum vacancy based on our knowledge of the rental market, comparable properties, retention strategies, locality, and many other factors. We also ensure that the property is maintained, negotiate rental agreements, collect rents and security deposits, comply with relevant laws and regulations, respond to tenant requests and complaints, deal with problems, recommend preventative maintenance schedules, supervise repairs and upkeep, and general tenant relations. 

Does a property manager make sense for my investment if I don't live near the property or don't have a lot of time? 

Yes. A local property manager will often be able to discover potential or actual problems more quickly and handle them before they become major issues. Also, a local network of professionals allows us to initiate repairs and correct situations more efficiently and also at a better value.

Can a property manager help me find and keep good tenants, and help me avoid bad tenants? 

Yes. Good tenants often prefer to rent through a reputable property management service for their own peace of mind and because the entire rental process is streamlined and coordinated. Because bad tenants can't be evicted without notice, time, and expense, property managers exercise a great deal of due diligence in checking references and financial situations, as well as thoroughly interviewing potential renters before they become tenants. We have the experience and resources to carefully screen individuals to find you the best tenants possible.

Are property managers available during the evening or on weekends? 

We are. We are committed to creating a hassle-free investment experience for you. This means that we also work during the evening and on weekends to show properties, meet with tenants or potential renters, complete lease agreements and paperwork, collect rent, attend relevant community or civic group meetings, arrange for and supervise repairs, and attend to any emergency situations. 

What does a Property Management Agreement do?

Identify individuals involved and property or properties involved
Specify the duration of the contract
List the responsibilities and the authority of the property manager
List the responsibilities of the owner
State the fees and leasing or sales commissions
Include the date of the agreement and the signatures of the parties involved
Include and preclude liabilities


Our wide range of capabilities, local market knowledge, reliability, professionalism, and scope of experience come together to offer a creative, resourceful, and successful approach to property management

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